słownik arabsko - angielski

العربية - English

هجوم po angielsku:

1. offensive offensive

The speaker's comments were highly offensive.
I find just the memory of his overly polite patronizing manner really offensive.
Rwandan rebels are pushing their offensive south as fighting continues in the capital Kigali.
The word "nigger" is an offensive term.
The police conducted an offensive against some drug dealers.
Several soldiers were injured in the offensive.
The general decided to launch an offensive against the enemy camp.
offensive language
I find his every word truly offensive.
It's offensive how inoffensive you are!
We recoiled from the enemy's offensive.
They've banned books containing offensive language.
They do not like him because he can be mean and offensive.
He's very offensive, I don't like him. It was an offensive joke.
I found her remarks deeply offensive. He's very offensive, I don't like him.