słownik czesko - angielski

český jazyk - English

laskavý po angielsku:

1. kindly kindly

He kindly answered questions.
Excuse me but, would you kindly lift that box for me?
While I was waiting for the rain to stop, he kindly gave me a lift.
I'm glad your book was received kindly by the press.
Kindly refrain from smoking.
Thank you kindly.
Kindly address yourself to the chairman, not directly to other representatives at this meeting.
I wonder if you would kindly introduce us to someone.
She cared for my children very kindly.
Our teacher is at once stern and kindly.
I spoke to him kindly so as not to frighten him.
Her nature takes more kindly to acting than to any other kind of job.
I'm sorry that I wasn't home when you so kindly dropped by.
If your friend reminds you kindly of your faults, take what he says not only pleasantly, but thankfully.
said Holmes kindly

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2. kind

He is kind.
This is your responsibility. It's not the kind of thing you can laugh off.
Cancer may be related to viruses of some kind.
This form looks kind of complicated. Help me fill it out.
The people in this town, generally speaking, are kind to visitors.
At the bottom of the letter he wrote "Kind regards," then signed his name.
Tom's friends were very kind when he lost his job.
She's popular, not because she's beautiful, but because she's kind to everyone.
It is said that Japanese people are kind to people they know, but rather cold to those they don't.
He is strong, brave and, above all, kind.
As a rule, I prefer people who deal with matters of this kind directly with those involved.
The food athletes eat is just as important as what kind of exercises they do.
I had never eaten any kind of Thai food, so I was pretty excited about going to a Thai restaurant with my grandmother.
He dislikes unexpectedness and emergencies of any kind.
He is by nature a kind person and is popular with the children in his neighborhood.