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belastbar po angielsku:

1. loadable loadable

2. reliable

reliable information
That is possible only if we also put in place a reliable, solid, internal control system.
Encryption technology has advanced to the point where it's pretty reliable.
Other people argue that wind power is simply not reliable as an energy source, as wind is variable and unpredictable.
There was the baseline -- first of all, a much bigger and more reliable signal.
Uncle Jim is reliable, so he will be on time to collect you from school.
She is the most reliable person in this office and we can always depend on her, so it's best to let her do this difficult assignment.
It was a very nice experience, and the cars were clean and reliable.
I wanted to make the point that we need a stable and reliable government in Pakistan.
a birth control method that is cheap and reliable
Although my friends differ so considerably from each other, there is one characteristic they have in common: they are always reliable and have never lat me down.
A person who does as promised c considered as reliable.
He's a reliable person. Whenever I ask him for a favour he's always there for me.
a reliable car, reliable information / → Opposite - unreliable
She’s about the most reliable person at work. She’s never late, never ill and hasn’t let us down yet.

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3. resilient

The ball that bounces is made out of natural rubber that is highly resilient and elastic.
She's a resilient girl - she won't be unhappy for long.
Babies are generally far more resilient than parents realize.
resilient sense of humour
She's definitely what you'd call resilient.
The wing motor is very resilient.
He's resilient. He will get over it soon.
The definition of resilient is someone or something that bounces back into shape or recovers quickly
Kids are quite resilient, they usually adapt to change very quickly.
boots with tough resilient soles
Forensic psychology can be challenging but if you are resilient and willing to help and understand offenders, it could be the career for you.
Growth figures show that the economy is still fairly resilient.
He'll get over it—young people are amazingly resilient.
Egypt is a resilient ally, it joined the forces that liberated Kuwait and ensured more than 30 years of peace with Israel.
Despite enormous suffering, the patient remained resilient.

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