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apreciar po angielsku:

1. appreciate appreciate

I realize the effort you have put into this project and I really appreciate it.
You can't appreciate his good points by just seeing what he looks like.
Tom wondered if he should pretend to appreciate the dinner Mary made for him.
I'd appreciate that
Hey, we're trying to have a serious discussion here so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't butt in so irresponsibly.
The glass fronted building before you is the rose garden. It's a greenhouse so you will always be able to appreciate the roses.
I hope you consider my request for a day off this Tuesday 8th. If possible, I'd appreciate you letting me recover those hours any other day.
While looking at the flowers I thought suddenly that humans too had a good side. It's humans who discovered the beauty of flowers and it's also humans who can appreciate them.
In my secondary school days, I was much impressed by how my hospitalised grandfather would often tell the nurses there, "Thank you, I appreciate your help."
Only a Sith would appreciate the lack of compromise inherent in a prime number.
Older couples often appreciate cash more than gifts because they neither need nor have room for them.
I want to bring special friends with me, people who will appreciate the experience.
Why is it that children seldom appreciate what their parents do for them. (the sacrifices they make for them, for example)?
She appreciates your work and effort. I appreciate that it is a difficult decision for you to make.

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2. cherish

I cherish the letters she wrote.
Everything I cherish
But still Canadians cherish common symbols, institutions and...
People ask me 'why would you want to cherish a piece of junk like that?' But this little beauty means the world to me.
To love and to cherish, till death do us part.
Plato's my friend, but truth I cherish even more.

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