słownik hiszpańsko - angielski

español - English

completo po angielsku:

1. thorough thorough

A thorough investigation is now in progress.
He is very thorough about everything.
The research director had the department do a thorough job in testing the new product.
I thoroughly agree
there's been very thorough research in cognitive science on types of human error
1. The guy that worked on this case was very thorough. / 2. Let me conduct a thorough medical examination, take some samples, test some medication.
The guy that worked on this case was very thorough.
It would appear that they have been very thorough with their research.
The teacher is very thorough when she tests us in class and we have to answer lots of questions
This is a very thorough analysis. (To jest bardzo dokładna analiza.) My car needs a thorough check-up. (Mój samochód potrzebuje gruntownego przeglądu
Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning the bathrooms / We did a thorough search of the house, but we couldn't find my car keys
They did a thorough search of the area but found nothing. They received a thorough briefing before they left the country.
Whenever he has a job to do, he always does it with great attention to detail. He's very thorough.
He was especially thorough with the soldiers of the Number Three gun.
It was a thorough research about ideal candidate for wife.

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