słownik hiszpańsko - angielski

español - English

corto po angielsku:

1. short short

Life's short.
Three students made short speeches and introduced themselves and their countries.
I am sorry to write such a long letter. I didn't have time to write a short one.
She found the evening boring and uninteresting, in short, a waste of time.
A good sailor only requires a short time to get his sea legs.
They employ foreigners because Japanese workers are in short supply.
I was trying to tell him what had really happened, but he cut me short.
After a short visit, he suddenly stood up and said he was leaving.
I laid down for a short nap and fell asleep for two hours.
Never choose a vocation just because the hours are short.
A short stroll along the beach gave me a good appetite for breakfast.
When his food supply ran short, he had to look for a new place to live.
It takes only a short time to learn how to explain things to students. It takes much longer to learn when not to.
For a short period of time, wide neckties were in style.
It's unlikely that the next person who walks through that door will be wearing short pants.

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