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desierto po angielsku:

1. wildernesses wildernesses

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2. desert desert

China's desert supports more people than are in Japan.
in the desert
Very regrettably, 1,900 square meters of land become desert every second.
In a lawless outpost deep within the desert, everybody wore football shoulder pads and mohawks.
If you were stranded on a desert island, what books would you want to have with you to read?
Desert ecology is a new field of study.
I wanted to kill him, but I was too stressed to hold firmly his Desert Eagle.
Desert sand cools off rapidly at night.
Now there is nothing but desert, where there used to be a fertile plain.
The passage illustrates Robinson Crusoe's landing on a wild desert island after his shipwreck.
This country has everything; mountains, lakes and rivers, deserts and plains.
How many people desert from the army each year?
But each time she was with him, common sense seemed to desert her
Your family castle has become deserted.
pustynia, pustka, pustkowie, puszcza, pustynny, | to desert - dezerterować opuścić, zdezerterować

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3. wilderness wilderness

endless dark wilderness that the southron called the haunted forest
He believed in protecting America's wilderness areas.
Cultivate the wilderness.
Until around 1840 New Zealand remained a wilderness cut out from the rest of the world.
The day before yesterday he witnessed a weird incident in the wilderness.
Hunting game is forbidden in this tranquil wilderness.
The garden is turning into a wilderness.
Can you hike for days in the wilderness without seeing anyone?
Edom a desolate wilderness.
wilderness = area with no people and no agriculture because the difficult living conditions
The wilderness of the Sahara desert is uninhabited, with the exception of some nomadic tribes.
He has lived in the wilderness for 10 years.
Adventurers love to explore the wilderness.
Fifty years ago, this area was just a wilderness.
And in this programme we're talking about tourism, but in a very special place: Antarctica. It is considered the last great wilderness on Earth.

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