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explotar po angielsku:

1. to explode to explode

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2. to blow up to blow up

shall I help you to blow up the baloons

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3. exploit

We need to make sure that we exploit our resources as fully as possible.
We must ensure we do not exploit our interns – they should feel that their time with us has been interesting and enjoyable, not stressful and unpleasant.
Employers sometimes exploit their workers.
This project is "slave labour" that exploits people on benefits.
All I could do was exploiting my nervousness to write a song
Greece has no colonies to exploit, but it does have staying power.
I will not let you exploit my son.
He exploited this computer, that's why it broke down.
My car broke down when I exploited it too much.
She was telling me about her exploits while travelling around Africa.
Exporters can ​currently exploit the ​favourable ​exchange ​rates.
to exploit someone means to treat them very unfairly so that you get a lot of benefit and they do not
The challange is exploit event data in meaningful way
It is easy to exploit workers who are desperate for a job.
Robinson considers nature a mere object of scientific study to exploit for his own uses and pleasure.

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