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juzgar po angielsku:

1. adjudicate adjudicate

The boards have the right to adjudicate on the punishment of prisoners.
ClaimCenter facilitates collaboration among claims workers by providing one centralized location where all information needed to adjudicate the claim can be uniformly worked on and shared concurrently
Only the judicial system can properly adjudicate criminal guilt.
The court adjudicated in the first instance.

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2. to judge to judge

It's wrong to judge people by their appearance.
He seems to be handling the job well, but it's too soon to judge. / We have no right to judge other people

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3. deem deem

He was deemed insane.
I deem that this product is useless.
1) What Youth deemed crystal, Age finds out was dew. 2) The book was deemed to be unsuitable for children. 3) How could anyone deem this film funny?
The evening was deemed a great success. This is a list of the criteria that have to be met in order to deem a task completed
deem guilty
we provide help whenever you deem it appropriate
Scientists found that fruit juice contained up to 2,5 times more of the substance as is deemed safe in tap water under UE guidelines.
the book was deemed to be unsuitable for children
Gentilwomen had wet nurses, so large breasts were deemed as coarse.
If we deem it necessary, we will assess the progress of the work.
has been deemed a major failure
Do we deem the cultural heritage of Europe important as a cohesive force?
The ​area has now been deemed ​safe. We will ​provide ​help ​whenever you deem it ​appropriate. The ​story was deemed too ​controversial and so they ​spiked it.
How could anyone deem this film funny?
However, there are circumstances where the amount of money set aside may have been deemed too high

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