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robusto po angielsku:

1. robust

in relatively robust health
The result has only become more robust as additional archaic birds and non-avian feathered dinosaurs have been found.
Members agreed that the survey should be more robust and detailed in its design, both in terms of methodology and content. tłumaczenie przykładu ze słówkiem
A big man is not always robust.
robust rules for
the country's political system has continued to be robust in spite of its economic problems
Our company is very robust in this region. His skills are very robust in this area.
cloud computing, ubiquitous internet, robust 5G networks etc, will transform our cities
The house blend of coffee is particularly robust.
She has a robust attitude to children, and knows how to deal with them.
Attention to more stable, robust and lightweight materials is an example.
a robust common agricultural policy
Chris preferred bland and mild beers, but Bhavin preferred a beer with more robust flavor.
The company is taking a more robust approach to management.
A more robust approach is certainly possible.

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2. sturdy

These ropes are sturdy.
the walls are sturdy
sturdy walking boots, sturdy briefcase
We need a sturdy basis for the statue.
My husband is so sturdy.
sturdy walking boots
This tree is sturdy.
I admire his sturdy character.
sturdy boots
His boyfriend is quite sturdy.
a sturdy pair of boots / The vehicle is sturdy enough to withstand rough terrain.
My shoes are sturdy, I've been wearing them for 5 years.
You should buy a sturdy pair of walking boots before you go hiking.
Cordelia was wearing sturdy riding gear.
This is a very sturdy chair to sit in.

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