słownik hiszpańsko - angielski

español - English

vestido po angielsku:

1. raiment raiment

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2. gowned gowned

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3. dress dress

Actresses wore designer dresses and looked lovely.
They were dressed neatly.
I don't care what people think about the way I dress.
If you turn around, I'll fasten your dress for you.
Mary took her time choosing a dress even though Tom was waiting for her.
My dress was ruined when it came back from the cleaner's.
His dress is that of gentleman, but his speech and behavior are those of a clown.
The girl in the red dress ignored the man dressed in black and called a friend on her cellphone.
If only I had a pretty dress like that!
If you dress like that at your age, you'll make a fool of yourself.
My daughter has grown into a dress my wife used to wear.
I dress my daughter every day for school.
The dress is too expensive. Can't you sweeten the deal a little?
People that want to do well in their jobs will dress for success.
A woman's wardrobe isn't complete without a little black dress.

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4. frock frock

a little girl in a pretty frock
a party frock

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5. gown gown

The gown is made of silk.
Please put on this gown.
Her gown was a cheap affair.
She wore a high-cut black evening gown.
She has a gown
One by one, wizards and witches in dressing gowns and slippers descended from the upper fl oors to leave the bus.
I'm so hot, I've been wearing this gown all morning.
a wedding gown, a dressing gown
... and take somebody else's gown, cut off three inches...
She really cut a dash in her pink evening gown.
The Miss Universe contestant tripped on her gown but got up again gracefully and continued down the runway.
The doctor was in a white gown over a blue suit.
I helped her into a gown.
She was wearing a gown of satin.

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6. frocked frocked

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