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étage po angielsku:

1. storey storey

The storey is destroyed.
five-storey building
A bungalow has only one storey.
My block is fourteen storeys high
Storey and floor, whiles they can mean the same thing, are sometimes used differently. One might say a building has ten storeys or ten floors, but Mr. Brown lives on the fifth floor of a ten storey building.
He won't work at the top ot the 20 storey building
an eight storey building
a ten / multistorey building
a three-storey house

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2. floor floor

Although most islands in the ocean have been mapped, the ocean floor is generally unknown.
wooden floor
The floor is dirty! the shopkeeper reprimanded him. "You haven't even paid for the suit yet, and you're already getting it dirty!"
You are invited to attend a meeting at 2:30 p.m. in the meeting room on the second floor. Thank you.
But Dima would never wear the glasses. Suddenly, his body went limp and he collapsed to the floor.
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They studied it a little bit, but they couldn't spend all day finding out what to do, so they finally picked up the other one, and the water went out again, all over the floor.
It was difficult for a girl with her face and figure to make it across the dance floor without bumping, by only the purest of accidents, into one roué or another.
This club is fearfully dull. The dance floor is empty and the smoking patio is packed.
This product is both a floor polish and a dessert topping.
Using a doubled-up cushion in place of a pillow I lie down on the hard wooden floor with nothing but a carpet spread over it.
You wake up lying on the rocky floor of a dark cave. A little light filters down from above. You can just make out a couple of openings leading away from the cave. What do you do now?
I'd get a soup plate and then slide the glass very carefully over to the edge of the table, and let the water run into the soup plate - it doesn't have to run onto the floor.
An argument broke out on the floor of the convention hall and in no time fists were flying.
When I tried to move the desk, one of its legs made a jarring sound as it scraped across the floor.

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3. tier tier

multi-tier LTE radio networks
She was seated in the third tier.

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