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aveugle po angielsku:

1. blind blind

Louis Braille, who was blind from the age of three, invented a way for the blind to read.
Don't buy your car from that dealership. They'll rob you blind.
Blind people read by touching, using a system of raised dots called Braille.
Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense the proximity of objects around them.
She's blind.
What greater misfortune is there than to go blind?
When changing lanes look over your shoulder and check your blind spot.
I got blind drunk last night - so drunk I don't even know how I got home.
It was proposed that the term "blind person" be replaced with the term "visually impaired person".
Jane is fat and rude, and smokes too much. However, Ken thinks she's lovely and charming. That's why they say love is blind.
he phoned again from his own home: that was just a blind for his wife
Can a person who's blind in their own house become clairvoyant at the bazaar?
We parents sometimes become blind in loving our children too much.
Mothers used to tell their sons that if they masturbated they would go blind.
Each picture in the blog includes textual descriptions for blind readers.

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2. benighted

But establishing how much credit affirmative action can take is hard, when growth also brings progress and some of the good—for example the confidence-boosting effect of creating prominent role models for a benighted group—is intangible.

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3. sightless

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