słownik francusko - angielski

Français - English

discret po angielsku:

1. unobtrusive

He was quiet and unobtrusive.
In New Jersey are many unobtrusive buildings.

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2. discreet

You need to be discreet when talking to a patient.
When you're talking to customers, you have to be very discreet.
It wasn't very discreet of you to forget the appointment.
Among orang-utans, alpha males copulate openly but subordinates are so discreet that nobody realised they mated at all until the advent of genetic paternity testing
Try to be as discreet as possible as he 's very sensitive and easily upset.
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To do him justice, he is a discreet man.
You should be more discreet in expressing yourself in public.
You weren't particularly discreet, so it's no wonder you got caught.

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3. inconspicuous

I drive back, looking for an inconspicuous place to park.
Here in San Francisco, if you want to appear inconspicuous in public, the best way to do so is to wear leather, dye your hair in fluorescent colors, and have all your visible skin tattooed, pierced, or both.

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4. slighted

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