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immense po angielsku:

1. immense immense

He left an immense fortune to his children.
ore than 1000 pathways were discovered, showing immense potential for fungi to produce a large variety of natural and bioactive chemicals
This is an immense show.
You'll find it easily, there is an immense palace next to it.
immense popularity
Kate gets her immense confidence form her religious faith and her father.
The distance between Poland and Japan is immense
Shouldn't we make our fields - our entire life - an immense work of art in four dimensions?
Facebook is a great empire with a vast population, immense wealth, a charismatic leader, and mind-boggling reach and influence.
The definition of immense is something that is extremely large. An example of immense is The Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is immense.
Christopher has a great knowledge of maths, science. He has an immense aptitudes and abilities for numbers he reads books about science, maths and murder mystery novels and his favourite is The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
You've all learned that in school -- how small the Earth is compared to the immense universe.
This led to immense problems, even sometimes to violence.
have an immense amount of respect for that man. I think he has done an awful lot for this country.
The Excel solution did not deliver the final speed or capacity they needed, but traders started selling several months sooner than if they had to wait for the full big-bang deployment to production, and this had immense business value for the company.

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2. big big

a big fish
Part of the charm of a big city lies in the variety of styles that can be seen in the architecture of its buildings.
According to a study, big women are more prone to have twins.
You should stockpile necessary supplies in case of a big earthquake.
She bought him a camera that was too big to fit in his shirt pocket.
Our negotiations to lower export taxes suffered a big setback.
In city after city, big public meetings were held.
The pressures of supporting a big family are beginning to catch up with him.
A big bomb fell, and a great many people lost their lives.
The buying and selling of peoples' personal information is becoming a big issue.
Tom can't forget the time he and Mary had their first big argument.
The theory of the Big Bang was proposed in 1927 and expanded in 1929.
When a big ape emerged from the cave, they got frightened and ran away.
Tom is used to driving a pickup truck, but he's never driven one of those really big trucks.
It must have been something really big for him to strike a triumphant pose like that.

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3. tremendous

He received a tremendous punch on the jaw from his opponent.
Afterwards, because it was sanctioned by many of the successive dynasties Buddhism became widespread and had a tremendous impact on the development of Chinese thought, culture and art.
The rocket travels at a tremendous speed.
The merchant accumulated tremendous fortune during the postwar era.
This job makes tremendous claims on our emotional strength.
I urinate a tremendous amount at a time.

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