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introduire po angielsku:

1. to introduce to introduce

I'd like to introduce you my boyfriend.
my company would like to introduce contactless payments via smartphone in the near future
I'd like to introduce my husband.
1. I'd like to introduce my boyfriend to you. / 2. We'd like to introduce the new product next month.
They've introduced a fast-track system for brighter pupils. The product range is being overhauled to introduce cheaper lines and more non-food products. The company introduced a jobshare scheme last year.
I want to introduce the creators Alex and Daniel

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2. introducing introducing

I'll begin by introducing myself.
The group is introducing some songs from their new album.
Introducing democratic ideas into that country will be a slow process.
She gave a tea party with the intention of introducing her daughter to her friends.
I shall be introducing the street paper that is only sold by the homeless, "The Big Issue", started in England and has had its first Japanese issue.
The equal rights and survival of languages can be assured only if the European Union accepts a neutral, easy-to-learn bridge language for interethnic communication, introducing it step by step.
I'm introducing some pictures I took, dabbling in photography, along with my diary.

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