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rangé po angielsku:

1. arrayed arrayed

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2. tidy

You came up with a tidy plan.
someone who is neat or tidy always like to keep things in their right place.
He is such a tidy person. Every pot and pan is in its place.
a place, room etc that is tidy looks nice because everything has been arranged and put in the right place
my desk isn't tidy
Marius is very tidy- his shirts are always ironed.
It wasn't a tidy garden, but more like a forest.
to tidy similar to clear.
We tidy a garden.
We will tidy up our room so that Mom is satisfied.
Their flat is tidy and nicely decorated.
to have a tidy desk
How often do you tidy?
​neat and tidy. Put ​your ​clothes away tidily.
Your room will start to look tidy straight away if you pick your clothes up off the floor.

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