słownik indonezyjsko - angielski

Bahasa Indonesia - English

pilihan po angielsku:

1. selection selection

We have a wide selection of goods on our offer.
My mother prefers the arbitrary selection of the lottery machines over my lucky numbers.
Natural selection was a crucial element in evolution.
Here is our selection of last week's true stories.
The old selection process for judges was very unfair.
Rules in connection with staff selection are set as follows.
It offers a mouth-watering selection of delights.
a wide selection of goods
good selection
We have a wide selection of furniture.
We made a careful selection.
We offer a wide selection of wines.
Why can the selection of employees be difficult?
There are also Job Centres and private employment organisations which usually have a good selection of positions available including contracts, transfers and good prospects.
Aiming at a fair selection, the test's subject will be the same for all of you scientists of the world: write a scientific publication in English!