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tappezzeria po angielsku:

1. wallpaper

Arsenic was used to create a colour called Paris Green, which was commonly used in paint and wallpaper.
You couldn't put green wallpaper in bedrooms.
We bought a roll of wallpaper to our living room.
Which wallpaper do you like most?
I have quite a collection of wallpaper in my office.
I used a photo of my dog for my desktop wallpaper.
I like this wallpaper of Marilyn Monroe you have on your laptop because it reminds me a lot of you when you lay your little eyes on me.

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2. upholstery

leather upholstery
Your samples must include the following; Fabric samples for upholstery, curtains, cushions and trim.
My granddad was an old hand at upholstery.
The sofa was black with real leather upholstery.