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ნაცნობობა po angielsku:

1. Dating

How long have you been dating?
After eight months, he eventually started dating girls again.
I think Tom is too young to be dating.
In retrospect, Tom realized he shouldn't have been dating both sisters at the same time.
I don't approve of them dating each other.
Old women like dating young men.
Carbon dating was performed on the sample to determine its age.
He resented that she was dating his brother.
We are dating with a view to marriage.
You're dating a Keio student, aren't you?
I am dating my cram school teacher.
Indulge me with your saucy dating stories.
Well, dating languages isn't something I'm familiar with – I think it's a bit like looking at a few dinosaur bones and trying to reconstruct what dinosaurs looked like.
Fred took a liking to Jane and started dating her.
Is it OK for me to remove my wedding ring and go to a dating party when I have a pregnant wife?