słownik norwesko - angielski

Norsk - English

omslutte po angielsku:

1. enclose enclose

I enclose the list of all employees.
As proof of identity, we enclose our army pay books.
Line is used to create shape and form and to enclose space.
Enclose your resume in this envelope and submit it to the personnel department.
With regard to your letter of July 22nd, I enclose our most recent catalogue.
In accordance with your request, I enclose a picture of myself.
Please enclose a curriculum vitae with your application.
This road is enclosed, I enclose a copy of the job description
I enclose a map of the area.
Please enclose a cover letter to your application.
I enclosed my CV to the letter.
I have enclosed prices until the end ot the year and trust that is satisfactory
I enclose copies of all necessary documents with my application.
A serous membrane encloses all the organs contained in the cavity.
Yun would enclose little notes in letters from home. My father said “Since your wife is capable with brush and ink, she can write your mother's letters from home for her.”