słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

kemping po angielsku:

1. camping camping

Tom got a lot of mosquito bites the last time he went camping.
After a long argument, I finally persuaded her to go camping.
Will Tom be allowed to go camping with the other children?
Camping is impossible where there is no water.
When the boys go camping, they enjoy living in a primitive way.
A lot of people are interested in camping.
Tom doesn't know if Mary will go camping with us or not.
Will this much food do for a week's camping?
Tom doesn't have any friends who like to go camping.
My father suggested that we go camping.
Ken likes camping.
You've been camping out ever since you came over here? Must have been terrible.
During my summer holidays I was camping with my friends at a lake.
You can't go camping there! It's a national park!
I had a high fever; otherwise I could have gone camping.

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2. camp site camp site

Some camp sites have indoor bathroom facilities

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3. camping site camping site

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4. caravan park

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