słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

lokator po angielsku:

1. tenant tenant

The previous tenant took excellent care of her apartment.
We need more tenants.
There are two tenants on the third floor
"I'll have one of my people - one of my little people - check into tenant's complaints."
The desk was left by the previous tenant.
She could have married Lord Warburton and done a great deal of good to his tenants, to the poor.
My tenant made a lot of problems.
We don't own this house; we are just the tenants.
An elderly tenant living in a Nottingham City Homes property says she is unhappy about repair work which left her without a toilet for two weeks.
They ​formed a tenants ​association.
I have a lot of troubles with my tenants.
The tenants refused to pay.
They had evicted their tenants for non-payment of rent.
There might be a bathroom and kitchenthat are used in common with other tenants in house.
Most women feel the first fidgets and squirms of their active little tenant — known as known as quickening — between weeks 14 and 26

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2. lodger

Actually he is a quiet lodger.
The lodger next door lives on about 30,000 yen a month.

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3. occupier

He got into argument with the occupier of the adjacent land
The letter was addressed to the occupier of the house.

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4. resident

As a EU resident you can travel anywhere in Europe.
What does "resident alien" mean?
The residents are unhappy with the authorities.
Deceased was at the time of his death a resident of 325 West 25th Street, New York.
Many local residents have objected to the scheme.
I'm a resident of New Zealand.
The residents objected to the idea of building a wind farm.
No Access / except for residents (road sign)
Do you get on well with the other residents in your building?
a resident of the UK/Australia The local residents were angry at the lack of parking spaces.
The residents of Old Berry often socialise during all kinds of events.
Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games I have ever played.

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5. occupant

I must say, the occupants of that flat downstairs are terribly noisy.
The furniture had been left by the previous occupants.
All of the current occupants have lived in the building for a long time.

6. a flatmate

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