słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

nazywać po angielsku:

1. call

Call the police!
Do you mind if I call on you sometime? "No, not at all."
Please give us a call now if you want to participate in the workshop!
Call us toll-free at 1-800-446-2581.
Call me once you've arrived.
Could you remind me to call my academic advisor at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow?
He never fails to call his mother on her birthday.
Environmental problems call for quick action.
At the best hotels, there is always someone at your beck and call.
He said he would give me a call, but he hasn't yet.
When I got the phone call telling me of my father's death, I was completely flustered.
Rather than putting off this meeting, why don't we just call it off?
I'd like to check out. Could you call the bellboy?
The fire brigade was on the scene within five minutes of receiving the call.
What number should I call in case of an emergency?

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2. dub

They usually dub American movies into German.
it was an english film dubbed into polish
She was dubbed by the ​newspapers "the Angel of Death".

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3. name

Your name, please.
Tom shouted Mary's name as loud as he could, but she didn't hear him.
You're the only person I know who regularly gets my name wrong.
Can you name anyone that we know who is as talented as he is?
Have you decided on a name for your new baby?
He finally made a name for himself as a politician.
She's been living for the last five years under an assumed name.
Few people are on a first name basis with the president.
Tom called Mary every bad name he could think of.
Are you seriously thinking about changing your name to Tom?
It was the third year of Meiji when their family name was changed to Saga.
It was not until yesterday that I knew her name.
In the first place, we have to decide on the name.
At the bottom of the letter he wrote "Kind regards," then signed his name.
His cousin, whose name I forget, was a nurse.

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4. be called

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5. called

Someone called.
The contents of the four registers are preserved by the called subroutine.
The detective I hired called to tell me he has a promising lead.
People who do bodybuilding are called bodybuilders.
In 1969, Roger Miller recorded a song called "You Don't Want My Love." Today, this song is better known as "In the Summer Time." It's the first song he wrote and sang that became popular.
This is what is called a 'present' in some countries and 'bribery' in others.
I called up my friend to congratulate him on his success.
There's also a great deal of so called behind-the-scenes work.
The process by which substances are turned directly from a solid state into a gas is called sublimation.
All the soldiers were called out by the king to defend the castle against all opposition.
This is an example of the survival of the fittest, as it is called.
The girl in the red dress ignored the man dressed in black and called a friend on her cellphone.
Newspapers, television, and radio are called the mass media.
The committee called on all nations to work side-by-side to curb air pollution.
Blind people read by touching, using a system of raised dots called Braille.

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