słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

opowiadać po angielsku:

1. recount recount

I'm going to recount all the details of my summer holiday to grandma.
You can recount your version of events with this.

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2. narrate

each will narrate two genuine and one false story

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3. to tell

to tell sb the truth
My grandmother used to tell me beautiful stories before I went to sleep.

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4. tell told told

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5. relate

It is difficult to relate to someone who has different values from you.
I cannot relate these two pieces of evidence.
We need to explain why these issues are important and relate them to everyday life. / I often wake very early - I'm sure most readers over 50 can relate.
I see no reason why he doesn't relate to the firm.
Being active at night may relate to the behavior of seals, which feed at night on various fish that come up closer to the surface.
I can relate to
I don't want to be related to this scandal
The last 5 questions were related to the country's economy.
the power to change the way we relate to our living and working environment
this two things are related
The two cases don't relate, so we should deal with them separately.
Anything that is related to bi-directional communications, to be able to provide that to the entire world
She related the events of the previous week to the police.
I don't understand how the two ideas relate.
For that reason the outcome of the primary nursing care requirement authorization has to relate to the amount of nursing care required.