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platforma po angielsku:

1. platform

Which platform?
Tom stood on the platform in Westminster Underground Station.
David remained on the platform while the train was in sight.
Ruby on Rails is an agile development platform, which means we can respond to feedback from our customers very quickly.
This movement is like a forum or platform from which feminists speak out on women's issues.
The next train arriving at platform 2 will depart for Shibuya at 4:35pm.
As the door slid open, he almost fell onto the platform.
The independent candidate took the abortion issue off his platform.
The high speed, high comfort electric train Minsk—Brest will depart in five minutes from the fourth track at the second platform.
It's cold on the platform, let's go to the buffet.
The train leaves at half past three, so I'll meet you on the platform at about quarter past.
Flared trousers, wide lapels and platform shoes — de rigueur for the fashion-conscious in the.‘ 1970's.
platforms must be laid closely together over the entire scaffold width so as to prevent them from falling, tilting and shifting, and provide adequate protection against slipping
On the railway station you can find many platforms
As the train DREW IN TO THE STATION, Terry could see her sister waiting on the platform.

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2. float

He can't even float let alone swim.
Hold the float.
A dog was rescued from an iceberg floating 18 miles from land in the Baltic Sea
I saw - or thought I saw - something white and shapeless float through the trees.
Yea, would to God, I were among the roses, That lean to kiss you as you float between While on the lowest branch a bud uncloses A bud uncloses, to touch you, my queen.
The Kawagoe festival float has the shape of what's called a hoko float. It has three, or four, wheels attached.
If you float a one yen coin on water and move a magnet slowly towards it then the coin will approach the magnet.
If plants and stones are in the water then this will happen: the plants float and the rocks sink.
I like floating on my back in the pool. A balloon floated across the sky.
Tasks on a critical path have no float.
Drop pierogi into boiling water. Cook gently 3-5 minutes, or until they float.
That wood is very light. It won’t sink in the water; it will float.
Definition if you are floating, you are lying on water without sinking
Everybody in our club helped to decorate our float for the festival with paper flowers.
Will’s mother had given us eighty pounds as a ‘float’.

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