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1. desire

The mandatory character of schooling is rarely analyzed in the multitude of works dedicated to the study of the various ways to develop within children the desire to learn.
A chance to do as we please, especially to do as little hard work as possible, is a secret desire of almost everybody.
conscious desire
When he claims to desire eternal life, in reality man merely wishes to avoid a premature, violent or gruesome death.
A young woman most penitently confessed to a friend of mine that an unholy desire to read women's magazines was her besetting 'temptation'.
When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.
A high household savings rate in Japan is attributed, among other things, to people's desire to save money to buy a home.
The Bible, as a revelation from God, was not designed to give us all the information we might desire, nor to solve all the questions about which the human soul is perplexed, but to impart enough to be a safe guide to the haven of eternal rest.
I know you're at an age where sexual desire flourishes and you want to do 'you-know-what' with 'that' but... well, sit down there.
Uncontrolled, these forces may be dangerous and destructive, but once mastered they can be bent to man's will and desire.
In adolescence, I hated life and was continually on the verge of suicide, from which, however, I was restrained by the desire to know more mathematics.
If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.
Justice is the constant and perpetual desire to give to each one that to which he is entitled. Jurisprudence is the knowledge of matters divine and human, and the comprehension of what is just and what is unjust.
1. Failure was proof the desire wasn't strong enough. / 2. It's weird how strong that desire is. / 3. It's desire that drives me.

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2. crave

Like many celebrities, he craves attention. I was craving french fries, so I pulled into the nearest fast-food restaurant.
Why do people crave adventure?
Did you crave to have a new girl?
He’d craved the attention of the older kids.
Oxytocin makes you crave physical contact.
Many ​young ​children crave ​attention.
I crave for donuts!
I crave for some hot instant cocoa, I need sugar so badly.
a program to give the infants the human touch they crave
You know what I got a crave for?
That you'll never crave blood.
if only she had shown her daughter the love she craved

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3. long for

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4. covet

The Booker Prize is the most coveted British literary award.
I just think he`s always coveted power
Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife.
Japanese bureaucrats are nothing but traitors to the country who covet our tax money and will continue the practice of amakudari until the country is bankrupt.

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5. urge

My legs were feeling great so after two laps I felt the urge to run faster
All forms of life have an instinctive urge to survive.
He urged a revolution
Don't urge me, I'll do it when I'm ready. (Nie popędzaj mnie, zrobię to, kiedy będę gotow
The day after tomorrow I will urge my mother to leave an allowance of 10000 yen at my disposal.
The convenience store was overflowing with girls, I didn't have the urge to push my way through them and went home as I was.
Lawyers will urge the parents to take further legal action. Investigators urged that safety procedures at the site should be improved.
l am troubled, Creator -- 236 00:08:25,605 --> 00:08:29,006 troubled by a sudden urge to collect princesses.
1. He had an urge to look at them up close2. His wife has been urging him to get out of the business, too.
At the public enquiry, the council members were urged to reconsider their plans to demolish the old building.
I urge everyone who is wavering about getting married to get married.
He urged that the communication between the departments should be improved.
Weather officials in Tallahassee warned of the risk of a flash floods and urged people in the city to move to higher ground.
I had the urge yesterday to bake a big chocolate cake, so I went and bought all the ingredients.
The urge to brag on his recent successes was irresistible.

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6. long

Her hair is long.
This letter is too long to have it translated at a reasonable price.
A pick is a long handled tool used for breaking up hard ground surfaces.
As long as I know the money is safe, I will not worry about it.
Long, long ago, there lived an old man and his wife.
A fat man seldom dislikes anybody very hard or for very long.
She advised him to take a long holiday, so he immediately quit work and took a trip around the world.
For the lack of something better to do, Tom decided to take a long walk.
According to the weather forecast, the rainy season will set in before long.
Whatever the origin is, Valentine's Day has had a long and romantic history.
Long skirts were in fashion in those days.
A little knowledge of Spanish will go a long way toward making your trip to Mexico enjoyable.
Karl Lange's record breaking long jump took the crowd's breath away.
It wasn't until long after they got married that Tom found out that Mary was wanted for murder.
The Great Wall of China is over 5,500 miles long.

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7. yearn

People everywhere yearn for public leaders dedicated to world peace.
I had a strong yearning for Europe, as did many of my generation of Swedish politicians.

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