słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

przejąć po angielsku:

1. take over

David is not doing very well at paddling. Do you want to take over?
Epidemics spread very quickly until they take over the population and appear to be everywhere.
Steve Allan will take over from Michael Patterson next week.
the opposition is going to take over
My girlfriend wanted to take over my life so I broke up with her.
But I guess we should take over patrolling
take over our family business
We must take over their ship, before they take over us.
He will take over my responsibilities starting Monday.
I wonder who will take over from me when I'm on long holiday
When the driver is asleep, take over.
If the President is assassinated, the Vice-president will take over.
A multinational company is trying to take over our firm, but we want to stay independent.
if left untreated, OSB can completely take over patient's life
A company from Austria wants to take over my small company.

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2. repossess

I'm afraid the bank is going to repossess my house.

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3. seize

The British forces were ordered to seize the weapons.
There the passengers were seized by French troops.
What is happening in Italy shows that the freedom of speech is sometimes more dangerous than weapons to a regime that seizes power over the freedom of speech.
Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. It is the one thing we are interested in here.
She will seize us, and, instead of finding happiness, we shall perish, and all for nothing.
seize more opportunities
Each opportunity to hate the French and to let them know is good to seize. If additionally you can take one for a ride, it's even better!
He seized my hand and led me to his room. 2. The jelousy seized my mind.
It’s important to seize the moment sometimes. It’s healthy to take a chance every now and then.
Customs officials have seized 100 kilos of cocaine.
If you do not pay your bills, the bank is going to seize your property.
You must seize the opportunity and apply for a job now that there are many vacancies.
The shark quickly seized the bait in its mouth and disappeared with it.
Once you learn to seize your life by the reins and prepare for the unexpected,
seize the day. Janusz quickly seized the opportunity

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4. took over

To assume control, management, or responsibility. She took over the job after he left.
The business was running at a loss when he took over.

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5. take charge

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