słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

przyzwoity po angielsku:

1. decorous decorous

It is incredible he remained decorous, when they started shouting at him.

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2. decent

No decent person would do such a thing!
As soon as I can get a decent video camera, I'll start making videos to put online.
Simon is a decent guy. He has a clear hierarchy of moral values.
decent meal
chip backed up by a decent 1GB of RAM
cuddy seems decent
I'm expecting a decent catch, so please try your best at fishing for us.
You know you've really mastered a foreign language when you can write a decent poem in it.
If you prefer to get decent service... stay away!
I am sure that we will again be able to find a decent compromise on this issue.
He earns a decent salary. Decent people have had their lives ruined by his behaviour.
Children, orphaned, lost, have no possibility of education or a decent future.
the condition of Redwood is decent.
I ​thought he was a decent ​person. It made ​quite a decent-sized (= ​large) ​hole.
I don't understand how so decent a person could be involved with this kind of crime. / Are there any decent schools in that area? I've got to get some decent boots.

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