słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

sprawdzenie obecności po angielsku:

1. registration registration

The registration process takes two weeks.
Your registration number is the following one.
Be sure to fill out the registration form in person.
I've mistakenly deleted the party information and registration you sent to me.
What is your registration number?
Fill out this registration card, please.
The candidate cannot take part in the registration of the voters.
RSA Conference 2015 is now open for registration.
Did you finish your class registration?
I am able to obtain a registration form for free.
Does it also work without registration?
Registration for the first visit is at Counter No.1.
I found out about a back-door registration technique from his secretary.

Angielskie słowo "sprawdzenie obecności" (registration) występuje w zestawach:

Angielski PK

2. roll

I'm really looking forward to next March, when they roll out the new Play Station 2.
cheese roll
According to one story, the money was round so that it could roll from place to place.
I hate those who always skip class and ask their friends to answer the roll call for them.
If you leave them lying on the desk they may roll off, so stand them in the test-tube rack.
Rock and roll was a creation of the young generation.
She sat on the empty beach watching the waves roll in one after the other.
Osakans sometimes roll their Rs like in Spanish.
I've finally learned how to roll my R's!
Beijingers speak Mandarin with a roll in the tongue that no Southerner could ever utter.
And my tank treads do not roll!
Here is what you have to buy in the supermarket: two toilet rolls, three bread rolls and a roll of tape.
Very few people know how to roll out dough; it’s quite difficult.
I went to the baker's this morning to buy a loaf of bread and some rolls.
Yesterday, somebody rolled a drunk in this neighbourhood.