słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. frank

Kurs Angielskiego 1-573
Słówka: 20-26.11
unity 22,24,25
1.1 Appearance and personality (B2-C1)
tennyson, rimbaud

2. guileless

She gave him a guileless look from her green eyes.
She regarded him with wide, guileless blue eyes.

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3. candid

The boss was very candid with him about the standard of his work.
To be candid with you, I ​think you're making a ​dreadful ​mistake.
[adjective] - honest and telling the truth, especially about something difficult
candid opinion
trouthful and straightforward, frank

wheel of time
Moduł 1 Człowiek
life with Lucas
Człowiek, matura podstawowa
Oxford Matura Trainer: People

4. honest

Angielski słówka 3 gimn unit 2
slowka str15
Człowiek matura podstawowa
Man (Człowiek)
Słówka Człowiek

5. sincere

1. personality
September LIST1 MPB
May I 2012 FCE
Cechy charakteru

6. outspoken

I think Tom is too outspoken
Outspoken does not necessarily mean annoying. One can interpret it as passionate and loyal.
[adjective] - that expresses strong opinions very directly without worrying about other people's feelings

Paweł Marchewa
Paweł Marchewa II
kliś unity 11
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7. genuine

genuine pleasure
genuine pleasure / genuine leather
genuineness (n)
interview, an excerpt from an audio book, some kind of genuine English content

str. 24 i Unit 2,3
Cechy charakteru
Człowiek - decriptors of low range
work and career
Moi przyjaciele (słownictwo B osobowość, itp.)

8. truthful

We have the strategy pointing in one direction. and your budget proposal is. to be truthful pointing in another direction.
We have the strategy pointing in one direction. and your budget proposal is. to be truthful, pointing in another direction.
What makes you even think they might not be truthful?

New Matura Success Upper Intermediate, Unit 4

9. upfront

It is very important to be upfront with your client as to what your fees for the project are.
She's very upfront about why she wants the job - she'd earn a lot more money.
This information should be upfront and not buried away in the small print.
[adjective] - that speaks or behaves in a way which makes beliefs and intentions clear
paid before any work has been done or before goods are supplied: an upfront fee of $500

unit 7 moja lista

10. blunt

You should sharpen these knives. They're all blunt.
[adjective] - saying what you think without trying to be polite
a blunt reply/ remark/refusal
otępiony jak po blancie

Describing People
lekcja 3 przymiotniki (zachowanie i cechy charakteru)

11. forthright

I like forthright people.
[adjective] - saying what you think and feel honestly and directly, without being afraid of other people's reactions

czytanie i pisanie - wszystko
How to talk to anyone

12. artless

Why did you take the money?" she asked the child. "Because I wanted it," came the artless reply.