słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

wystrzelić po angielsku:

1. launch launch

Better to extend an olive branch than launch a missile.
launch a campaign
launch=initiate=start=turn on; launch a new product on the market
Last year they launched a very successful skin care product.
career launch
Fixed‐wing drones can be hand‐launched, but often they require a runway or even an unwieldy catapult.
The launch, which had been scheduled for this morning, was postponed because of the illness of shuttle Commander John Creighton.
The design was also given the finishing touch to have launch impact and dynamism provided by the novelty of the arch shaped logo design.
By his own writing, this man was either asleep, at a prayer meeting with Al and Tipper or learning how to launch a nuclear missile out of a suitcase.
hopefully we're about to make that learning journey a bit easier as we launch a brand new online course.
In 1989 Pepsi-Cola launched a new product called Pepsi A.M., which was aimed at the 'breakfast cola drinker'. It was an immediate flop.
We tried again and again to launch our kite into the air, but there wasn’t enough wind for it to fly.
if you launch a new product, book, website, etc, you let a lot of people know that it is starting to exist so that they can buy it or make use of it
We watched from the quayside as the ship was launched into the sea.
On Monday, the Pierson Publishing House will launch an ambitious advertising compaign for Real Life, a highly anticipated new novel from Korea.

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2. fire off fire off

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3. to fire to fire

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4. pop pop

The baloon popped.
Dozens of pop stars are crowned and uncrowned every few years.
At the pop star's concert the fans were swarming around the foot of the stage.
Each year some 4500 different Pop LPs appear.
Pop artists thrive on the adulation of their loyal fans.
Kevin has bought a diamond ring and is going to pop the question to Kim tonight.
However, maybe from the sudden change in pressure when you put them, having your ears pop is a problem.
Last year's pop hit was set off by a serial TV drama.
Britney Spears is a pop idol for teenagers.
She was entirely round, now, like a vast life buoy with piggy eyes, and her hands and feet stuck out weirdly as she drifted up into the air, making apoplectic popping noises
One more word and I'm gonna pop you!
You'll never gonna get twenty bucks a pop.
I have to pop one of these pills every hour.
She popped in to see if she could help.
I popped a letter into a letterbox.

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5. shoot out shoot out

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