słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

zatoka po angielsku:

1. bay bay

He kept the invaders at bay with a machine gun.
This bay is called New York Harbor.
Mt. Fuji as seen from Suruga Bay is beautiful.
Perry finally sailed into Tokyo Bay in 1853.
We were granted the privilege of fishing in this bay.
The bay has more yachts than sailboats.
The airport is in Osaka Bay.
A mirage sometimes shows up in Toyama Bay.
apartments overlooking the bay
The river descends from the mountains to the bay below.
Christopher Columbus enjoyed the torrents of Pirate Bay and would often go surfing there.
We decided to drop anchor in a beautiful bay. The boy she liked lived across the bay
a pack of baying hounds
I know a bay that's great for surfing.
The bay is full of boats and people.

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2. gulf gulf

The Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico.
How do you feel about the Gulf War?
The 1990s began with the Gulf War.
Historically, the Persian Gulf belongs to Iran.
it was a class gulf. But now I think it's no longer a reflection of class, it's a reflection of money
She created a huge gulf between our families
The gentlemen at this table were naval commanders during the first Gulf War.
When leaving from the gulf of Otranto, we were thirty; but when arriving in Cadiz, we were ten.
The beach, bordering the Gulf of Mexico, teemed with tarballs.
The gulf between the haves and the have-nots grows ever wider, to Victorian levels, even.
Gambling site lets users bet on which species will go extinct because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
The ship is bound for the Gulf of Mexico.
Gulf nations are constantly menaced by war.
A gulf divided him from them.
There is a gulf between our opinions.

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3. sinus sinus

I have sinus trouble.
to have problem with sinus

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4. firth firth

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5. harbour harbour

He is not the brightest light in the harbour.
an area of water near the land where it is safe for boats to stay. A port is a harbour where passengers and goods can be taken on and off
The town has a splendid natural harbour.
The Pilgrim Fathers sailed from Plymouth harbour.
Rotterdam is a harbour city.
It's a harbour, not a village.
The ship is coming into harbour.
They went down to the harbour to see if they had fresh fish.
We know that there is no place for terrorists in a democracy, but nor is there a place for those who encourage, harbour and assist terrorists.
Boats are anchor in the harbour.
The children waved to the people on the boat as it sailed out of the harbour.
All the wards in the new hospital have a view of the harbour, so patients can watch the boats coming in.
harboured international ambitions
The definition of a harbour is a place providing safety or shelter, or a protected area in the water for anchoring boats.
The lost fishing boat made a safe return to harbour.

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