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cruel po angielsku:

1. cruel cruel

Life is cruel.
That cruel soldier has been brought to justice.
He could not bear to think of his dog being sold to that cruel man.
The long cruel winter at last came to an end, giving place to a gentle warm spring.
Murdering elephants, tigers and other endangered species is not just cruel; it's also illegal.
In a way, life is a cruel thing. It holds major problems in store for each one of us.
If it were absolutely necessary to choose, I would rather be guilty of an immoral act than of a cruel one.
Peer helpers made the teacher's job a lot easier, but established a cruel hierarchy among the students.
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
an activity that is cruel causes unnecessary suffering to people or animals. If people are cruel, they deliberately cause suffering to other people or animals
cruel events or situations make people suffer in a way that seems
He'd been cruel to turn away from her for even a moment.
Soon after the end of World War 1, people never thought such a hateful and cruel war would break out again.

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2. ruthless ruthless

They were begging that ruthless clerk but he wouldn't listen.
I had no idea you were so ruthless / The Mafia boss had a reputation for ruthlessness that terrified everyone around him
a ruthless leader
This new character in The Walking Dead is really ruthless!
Those guys are ruthless, covering up their tracks like that after all their wrongdoing.
If that DRO, as it collapses, somehow transforms itself from a group of secretaries, statisticians, accountants and contract lawyers into a ruthless domestic militia and successfully takes over society – and how unlikely is that!
Sometimes I'm a bit to ruthless but I'm working on it
Privately, he's a very nice chap, but in business he's completely ruthless.
A ruthless race is in prospect - a madness on the scale of the 19th-century gold rush.
Some people believe that to succeed in this world you have to be ruthless.
a ruthless decision/(in football) a ruthless tackle
If you really want to cut down on the clutter in your apartment, you can't be sentimental about keepsakes. You have to be ruthless and throw out everything that's not absolutely essential.
He said early Saturday, "We will lead the fight, and we will be ruthless."
My boss is ruthless. He uses a whip to make his employees work faster.
LGBT communities around the world are calling you a 'hero', and say that you were framed, Al-Sayib explained. "But the law enforcement agencies are all labeling you as a ruthless murderer. Which one are you, Dima?"

3. unkind unkind

Don't be unkind to your friends.
You told her that she looks funny in that hat. I was very unkind.
Some people were kind and others were unkind.
She was unkind to him.
Though he is rich, he is unkind.
I think him unkind.
... and negative(though never unkind!)
Why did you take the child’s toy away? It was unkind of you.
Why must he always be so unkind to his mother-in-law?
He won't help you, he's unkind.
She says some very unkind things sometimes.
She isn't friendly or good to other people. She is unkind.
The man was rude and made an unkind remark about the girl’s hair.
It's unkind to say that somebody else is n't good at sport
Her unkind words boomeranged.