słownik szwedzko - angielski

Svenska - English

ler po angielsku:

1. smiles smiles

She always smiles.
Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.
She has cute dimples when she smiles.
Whenever I meet her, she smiles at me.
Smiles do not always indicate pleasure.
I dislike how he smiles.
Nancy is economical with her smiles.
Jiro was all smiles after he made a bundle at the pachinko parlor.
The little girl never smiles at anyone other than Emily.
Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are.
Doraemon smiles often.
Doraemon often smiles.
Nancy seldom smiles.
Happy chocolate that, after having run around the world through the smiles of women, finds death in a tasty and melting kiss in their mouth.
Expressions and smiles change like that just from applying rouge and lipstick.