słownik szwedzko - angielski

Svenska - English

uppdrag po angielsku:

1. mission mission

This mission entails huge risks.
They accomplished their mission.
American forces announced the completion of their mission in Iraq.
She devoted herself to mission work in Africa.
an important duty or task that is assigned to carry OUT a mission
In my opinion, lack of a mission makes one's life vane.
Tomorrow, I've got an important mission first thing in the morning. I shouldn't be wasting my time with this.
Sir Peter Blake was tragically killed by pirates on the Amazon river in 2001 as he was on a mission to monitor environment change.
I felt that that somewhere in this world a mission which I knew nothing about yet was waiting for me.
Zen's latest mission is to save the Earth from ecological destruction at the hands of a plant-destroying madman.
But for your steady support, my mission would have resulted in failure.
The mission took the direct route by air to the boundary.
Her futuristic vision helped shape the company's mission statement.
His mission is to bring a smile into the lives of the people he runs into on his travels.
This is my mission for today!