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Türkçe - English

azaltmak po angielsku:

1. decrease

Sudden decrease in appetite is sometimes a sign of illness.
I would like to drastically decrease the amount of time it takes me to clean the house.
They should decrease the sugar in these muffins.
The prices decreased rapidly
Trade has decreased, which will weaken these countries' current account balances.
The reduction in obstetricians and gynecologists is a reflection of the decrease in births, thus reducing need for medical care.
For a display where the data items increase and decrease I think you are best making use of a spreadsheet program, not Access.
It isn't strange that children decrease, too?
The stock market registered a considerable decrease after the presidential election.
/dɪˈkriːs/ Our ​share of the ​market has decreased ​sharply this ​year. We have decreased ​our ​involvement in children's ​books.
to decrease At the end of the month there was a decrease of motivation.
slight decrease in respiratory function,
Elidel is used to decrease skin inflammation in eczema.
decrease reaction time and accuracy
It was very far-sighted for that company to change its policy to accommodate the decrease in numbers of children and the aging of society.

2. to reduce

We need to reduce costs.
Change gear to reduce speed.

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3. to cut down

It is forbidden to cut down the forest.
He's trying to cut down on smoking
The doctor said I to had to cut down to one cup of coffee a day.
What can we do to cut down the expenses?

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