słownik turecko - angielski

Türkçe - English

makarna po angielsku:

1. pasta pasta

I ate bolognese pasta for lunch.
I eat pasta with sauce.
Pour the sauce over the pasta.
I entered a singing contest sponsored by a pasta company and I made it to the semifinals.
The pasta here's pretty good. And the pizza too.
Pasta is Fernando's province.
No, you may not put the colander on your head; you can be an astronaut after I drain the pasta.
The herb used in that pasta sauce might be parsley.
Italians eat a lot of pasta.
an Italian food made from flour, eggs, and water and cut into various shapes, usually eaten with a sauce: I eat a lot of pasta.
I'll cook some pasta for dinner
There's some pasta in the cupboard.
Italian pasta with pesto and cheese is delicious.
Whenever I go to Italy the only thing I eat is pasta their national dish.
Pasta is called pasta because it's the Italian word for "dough" from which it is made.

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