słownik turecko - angielski

Türkçe - English

tahıl po angielsku:

1. grain grain

He deals in grain.
They export grain to many countries.
The field mice were eating up the farmers' grain.
Rice is a grain that feeds billions of people.
The wood grain in Brazilian rosewood is beautiful.
Rye was called the grain of poverty.
It goes against the grain with me.
You'd better take his words with a grain of salt.
The peasant scattered the seeds of grain.
In other cultures, the balls were filled with earth, grain, bits and pieces of plants, and sometimes even pieces of metal.
The farmers complained that because of the dry weather there would be a poor harvest of winter grain.
The farmer longs for the day when the grain ripens.
Farmers sow grain seeds in spring.
Early man used his fingers and toes to count the animals he owned, or the measures of grain he had stored.
It is foreseen that, due to the decline in grain production, China will quickly become a world leading grain importing country, overtaking Japan.

2. cereal cereal

What's your favorite cereal?
She has cereal with milk for breakfast.
I had cereal for breakfast.
Many people start their day with a bowl of cereal.
What the hell? That guy got his license from a cereal box!
I have a bowl of cereal every morning.
I eat cereal every day.
a bowl of cereal
Susan ate some cereal when she was a child
breakfast cereals; a bowl of cereal
If you want, you can eat cereal and milk for your breakfast.
Children like eating cereal for breakfast.
Most people eat cereals for breakfast.
breakfast cereal
The "complete breakfasts" in cereal commercials always include cereal, milk, toast, and orange juice, but even Americans don't usually eat that much in the morning.