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1. Association

My association with them didn't last long.
They have formed their own nationwide association, the American Association of Retired Persons.
I applied for membership in the association.
She set up an association to help blind people.
The swimmer, Cindy Nicholas, barely made it ashore at Dover at the end of the exhausting swim, but a spokesman from the Channel Swimming Association announced that she was in very good shape.
The letters ASEAN stand for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
Five businesswomen started an association that would eventually become a powerful national lobby.
The former president of a certain association has been arrested on suspicion of breach of trust.
This association shall be called the E.S.S.
In Chinese, 'dumpling' and 'first exchange' are homophones, so they have a rich cultural association.
The association has excluded amateurs ever since its foundation.
Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
He holds great influence with the Association of Medical Sciences.
The Japanese Dentists Association affair is an incident concerning secret donations from the Japanese Dentists Association to Diet members belonging to the LDP.
Like the saying that things are seen clearest from outside I wish he'd leave the association for a time and take a look at Japanese soccer.