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valued more than one deserves
przeceniany, przereklamowany
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Opp.: underrated
His political influence is overrated; he is not as important as people think.

a story with invented details which make it more interesting
anegdota, historia pełna zmyślonych szczegółów
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He has a talent for spinning a good yarn; in fact, nobody can tell a story as he can.

(of sth) that can’t be compared to anything else of its kind
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It was an unparalleled opportunity to get to know New Zealand so well.

sb who spends a lot of time studying and thinking about complex ideas
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Der.: intellectual (adj), intellectually (adv)
Einstein will always be remembered as one of the greatest intellectuals of the twentieth century.

to decide that sth is not important enough to consider
odrzucić, zlekceważyć
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Der.: dismissive (adj), dismissal (n)
The Prime Minister dismissed the allegations as unfounded and not even important enough to discuss.

of a boy, childish
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People always remarked on his boyish appearance because he looked very young for his age.

in a way that can be supported by evidence
zapewne, można dowieść, że
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Arguably, the discovery of penicillin was one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the twentieth century.

a strong feeling of fear, worry or sadness
osłupienie, przerażenie, konsternacja
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Der.: dismay (v)
When Joan discovered that her grandson had been skipping classes, her dismay was immense; she was extremely disappointed with him.

just, simply
po prostu, jedynie, zaledwie
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It was merely a request, not a demand.

rooted, difficult to change or remove
wrodzony, zakorzeniony, wrośnięty
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His beliefs were deeply ingrained and it was unlikely they could be changed.

(of a book) used so much that the corners of the pages are turned down or torn
(o książce) z pozaginanymi rogami
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The page of the book had become dog-eared through continuous use.

entuzjastycznie, z zapałem
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He was an enthusiastic pupil who avidly participated in class discussions.

resembling hallucinations, unreal
rodem z halucynacji, baśni lub snu, nierealny
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Hallucinatory drugs make you see things that aren’t there.

to store sth valuable in a safe or a secret place
chować coś cennego
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He didn’t want anyone else to see it and stashed it in his secret hiding place.

the most educated people in a country or community
inteligencja (jako grupa społeczna)
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George Bernard Shaw was a member of the literary intelligentsia in the 1920s.

to say that sb or sth is stupid or has no value, to ridicule
drwić, szydzić z kogoś lub czegoś
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deride sb/sth
His fellow politicians derided the minister’s proposed tax reforms, letting him know just how inadequate his ideas were.

as a whole, in general
ogólnie rzecz biorąc, w większości
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at large
Support for the government amongst the population at large is low.

giving pleasure or satisfaction
satysfakcjonujący, zadowalający
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After months of hard work, it was gratifying to see the finished product.

to read a book or magazine quickly and with great enthusiasm
pochłaniać, pożerać (np. książkę)
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He was an avid reader and could devour a book in one sitting.

a range of themes, characters, events, etc
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We did not cover several issues in our article: they are outside its scope.

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