German in 1 day

German in 1 day
Learn some basic German words and phrases with ease

Find out how to say some basic and most important words in German
Don't be afraid of "ß", "ü", "ö", "ä"... - we will teach you how to pronounce them!
Get to know some basic grammar rules and understand how to use them in practice
Having a simple conversation in German would be “einfach” for you!
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Ten kurs jest w 100% bezpłatny. Dajemy Ci go, żebyś mógł sam się przekonać jak skutecznie i przyjemnie można się z nami uczyć:)
10 words in 60 seconds - 10 Wörter in 60 Sekunden  
10 fiszek
You already know that! - Das kennst du schon!  
11 fiszek
Questions - Fragen  
15 fiszek
Courtesy words and phrases - Höflichkeitsformeln  
18 fiszek
People - Personen  
37 fiszek
Actions - Aktivitäten  
19 fiszek
Untranslatable words - Unübersetzbare Wörter  
9 fiszek

Why learn German?

Did you know that German is the second most spoken language in the scientific / academic world? Germany is considered one of the countries with the greatest number of useful inventions in history: insulin, diesel engine, pocket watch, press, electric locomotive, among others. German is the language of Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. Although German is the official language, there are several dialects in Germany that vary from region to region such as Frisian, Low German, Middle German, Frankisch, Alemannic and Bavarian- Austrian. German is spoken as a mother tongue in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, some parts of Belgium, the Italian region of South Tyrol and southern Denmark. There are about 185 million German speakers in the world, being the 10th most spoken language. The German language uses the Latin alphabet, but has three more vowels and a consonant beyond the 26 letters of the alphabet. The vowels are ä, ö and ü. The consonant is the eszett which is represented by the Greek letter ß and pronounced with the sound of "ss".

How to learn German?

With this course, German in 1 day , you will be able to learn German by yourself . You can manage your time and learn at your own pace. With the help of flashcards it will be easier to memorize and learn to speak German . This course is a way to learn German in a fun way. You will have access to varied German vocabulary , you will be able to learn the most used German words , basic German words and German phrases . With this app to learn German, you will not lack reasons to learn German in a practical and intuitive way. . Learn German may seem like an impossible task, but thanks to our memorizing system, it is easier to memorize German phrases , German words , thanks to the selection that the Vocapp team made of the most used German words.

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