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1. Seal Seal

The seal kept its balance well on the large ball.
When Tobita gives a plan his seal of approval, the client accepts it at first glance.
Preserves must be stored in a jar with an airtight seal.
Please put your seal here.
Moreover, what's on the bottom of the memo isn't dirt but a ... b-blood seal!?
He broke the wax seal and unrolled the paper.
Unless otherwise decided by the directors, if the company has a common seal and it is affixed to a document, the document must also be signed by at least one authorised person in the presence of a witness who attests the signature.
In Japan you tend to use your personal seal, but actually a signature would often suffice.
The project has been given the government's seal of approval.
seal is my favorite animal
A large number of seals are killed every year
The envelope was sealed and sent by mail.
Germany has sealed its borders
The seal dived into the sea to catch fish.
For example, you don't need a personal seal to collect a parcel.