słownik arabsko - angielski

العربية - English

لحاء الشجر po angielsku:

1. Bark Bark

A dog will bark at strangers.
As soon as the dog saw me, it began to bark.
His bark is worse than his bite.
They stripped the tree of its bark.
Bears like to scratch their back on tree bark.
The future diplomat to France carved his name and the name of his beloved (a Japanese cartoon character) into the bark of a tree.
I imagine you're not the only one, Mr Bark.
Dogs that bark don't bite.
The hyena's bark sounds like laughter.
If you see the day through with Mr Bark without losing your temper, I'll believe you.
When the thief heard the dog bark, he took to his heels.
Extract an essence from the bark of a tree.
The camel marches while the dogs bark.
Wake not at every dog's bark.
The problem is Mr. Bark, the man whose secretary is away.