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لغة po angielsku:

1. language language

Watch your language.
The English language is undoubtedly the easiest and at the same time the most efficient means of international communication.
We cannot know too much about the language we speak every day of our lives.
Language acquisition requires creativity.
If you concentrate all your energies on the study of English, you will master the language.
You may write in any language you want. On Tatoeba, all languages are equal.
In all probability, no language is completely free of borrowed words.
Dr. Zamenhof believed that a language belongs to the people who speak it which is why he never copyrighted Esperanto.
A child who is a native speaker usually knows many things about his or her language that a non-native speaker who has been studying for years still does not know and perhaps will never know.
The profane language used on network television makes many parents with young children not want to subscribe to cable.
In many countries, whenever a group of people from various language backgrounds get together, English is usually the language that is spoken.
Mathematicians are like French people: whatever you tell them they translate it into their own language and turn it into something totally different.
The difficulties of the Japanese language prevent all but a handful of foreigners from approaching the literature in the original.
And even outside these nations, English is perhaps more widely used as a medium of international communication than any other language.

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