słownik czesko - angielski

český jazyk - English

cereálie po angielsku:

1. cereal cereal

What's your favorite cereal?
She has cereal with milk for breakfast.
I had cereal for breakfast.
Many people start their day with a bowl of cereal.
What the hell? That guy got his license from a cereal box!
I have a bowl of cereal every morning.
I eat cereal every day.
a bowl of cereal
Susan ate some cereal when she was a child
breakfast cereals; a bowl of cereal
If you want, you can eat cereal and milk for your breakfast.
Children like eating cereal for breakfast.
Most people eat cereals for breakfast.
breakfast cereal
The "complete breakfasts" in cereal commercials always include cereal, milk, toast, and orange juice, but even Americans don't usually eat that much in the morning.