słownik czesko - angielski

český jazyk - English

invalidní po angielsku:

1. disabled disabled

The OK button was disabled for some reason.
disabled people
The word fugusha ("disabled") might be insulting.
A sprained ankle disabled him from walking for a month.
Many disabled people of all stripes are further disadvantaged by a culture that fails to understand, let alone meet, their needs.
a support group for parents of disabled children
He contracted polio at the age of 51 which left him disabled.
It's controversial because it's a disabled doll.
Many disabled people would like to apply for this job
After the car accident, he was so badly injured that he would be disabled for the rest of his life.
Carter was permanently disabled in the war.
Some people park their cars in the places marked for the disabled because they think they have the right to do so.
If you are elderly or physically disabled, massage can be beneficial to you.
You are not the owner of this save data. You will not be able to save your progression. Trophies will be disabled.