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medicína po angielsku:

1. medicine medicine

He's studying medicine.
Recent advances in medicine are remarkable.
Take one tablet a day until all of the medicine is gone.
In the Middle Ages, milk was still popular as a medicine.
If it had not been for antibiotics, medicine would not have made such remarkable progress.
The medicine she took cured her of the bad cough she'd been suffering from.
Doctors should keep abreast with all the latest developments in medicine.
The boy's plan was to study medicine and return to Saint Croix as a doctor.
If the medicine isn't working, maybe we should up the dosage.
You're the only person I know who doesn't take some kind of medicine at least once a week.
Refugees will suffer lack of food, water, medicine and all that.
It has been two years since I studied medicine.
When you start taking medicine it begins working on symptoms, like pain, right away, but that doesn't mean that the ulcer heals right away.
If I'm lucky enough for the medicine to work I can get to sleep after 1am but if I don't take it then I can't sleep until about 4am.

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