słownik czesko - angielski

český jazyk - English

oznámení po angielsku:

1. notice

Notice the hands of the people you meet and you will be surprised to see how different and how interesting they are.
notice period
Did you possibly not notice until just now? "Er, well ... it was just so beyond my imagination that ..."
There were white lines around it, and it had a notice saying, "Reserved for Head of College."
Having idled jobless for a while I wavered. I'd rushed into handing in my notice but maybe I should have endured it and kept going...
A woman is capable of failing to notice the hundred things that you've done her, and to address only the one that you haven't.
And if your brother turned up at the party without notice tomorrow? "I would be very happy that he came."
We'd probably be best off beating them to the punch before they notice that fact.
I glare resentfully at the crimson letter, is this the infamous red-paper draft notice?
After a while Mark noticed a pushchair in a distance of a few metres and we were convinced that we had killed a baby.
The lawn always looked better on Tuesdays, but I began to notice he wasn't getting as close to the trees as he used to.
1. Swedish legislation allows companies to serve notice of meetings electronically. 2. "Didn't you see the notice?" 3. He took no notice of me.
your notice is a formal statement telling your employer that you are going to leave your job
But notice that China represents 35% of worldwide sales.
A copy of notice on granting a prize or a distinction shall be put in employee’s personal file.

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2. announcement

A blanket of silence fell over everyone when they heard the disappointing announcement.
They said they'd make the boarding announcement 20 minutes before takeoff.
the film announcement
Guess what the managing director started off the meeting by saying. The first thing out of his mouth was an announcement of some major restructuring.
The announcement exaggerated the number of casualties.
The engagement is often followed by a public announcement of marriage.
He looked blank when he heard the announcement of his promotion.
The information was given away to the newspaper prior to the announcement.
The announcement caused considerable confusion on the Stock Exchange.
Could you please tell us if the Commission will be making an announcement soon?
There was an announcement at lunchtime reminding students to bring their excursion money the following day.
21 days from the date of announcement in the Public Procurement Bulletin.
The Prime Minister made an unexpected announcement this morning. Announcements of births, marriages and deaths appear in some newspapers.
No sooner had he come home than he proudly made an earth-shattering announcement.