słownik czesko - angielski

český jazyk - English

registrovat po angielsku:

1. register register

Yesterday I stumbled across a copy of my father's family register.
a registered charity
An exclamation mark cannot be registered as a trademark, the European Court of First Instance has ruled.
You should register with another doctor. Put your name on the register.
If you're unhappy with your private life, I suggest you register on Facebook. It's the best way to get rid of it.
I believe this may be a correction after investigation of his date of birth in the family register.
Well, said the shopkeeper, motioning for Dima to follow her to the cash register. "That'll be 3,000,000.99, then."
No person by that name is listed in the register of the school.
I saw Peter in the shop but I didn't register it was him until he said hello.
The student spilled water on the register. She forgot to register her car. You have got to register, in order to enter this website.
If a child is absent, the teacher notes it down in the (class) register.
Hello, I’d like to register for the charity run next Saturday.
When I got to the hotel they asked me to register and show them my passport.
You need to register as self-employed with tax authority. HM Revenue & Customs
Because machines could be made progressively more and more efficient, Western man came to believe that men and societies would automatically register a corresponding moral and spiritual improvement.